July 1st Tibet tourism to rise to as early as possible

ring t,
the acme of beauty,
the sacred to Tibet is a must for every traveler.
In Tibet,
you can see if you have never seen before,
will be able to reach out to the blue sky; the wind blew over,
steep snow Xuefeng; clear without River; Green Jewel like the Great Lakes; but also the unique folk customs and religious beliefs.
from July onwards,
the cost of traveling to Tibet chartered prices! Crazy! La Visiting Tibet will be a new luxury! Recovery of all travel vehicles operating qualification,
all anchored to three large transport companies,
unified pricing by the government,
unified management! Formerly large and small,
many transport companies,
leasing companies,
travel agencies,
inn owners,
black car drivers are engaged in,
and now can not do it! Monopolized! Consult the relevant departments,
get to such a table: also consulted another relevant departments,
get to another table: the paper wrote: in the safe production,
mutual benefit and the principle of honesty,
Party B tour reception