Wong Kar Wai wrote the story of the closure of the Jiangnan leather factory in Zhejiang, Wenzhou

ring  Qiyun (know) my name is a 1.
Because leave a person,
the name of the mountain.
I used to smoke like cigarettes,
and when he left,
I quit.
At that time,
I thought Yellow Crane Tower would be a little closer to him.
After the leather factory closed,
those who have not received wages of the people in the factory and his residence,
looking for things to pawn.
I took a picture and a water glass.
I hung the picture in the bedroom.
The painting is two cranes,
a stand in the water,
a fly to the clouds.
That night,
I change my name to the mountain.
He took his wifes sister,
called Choi wan.
The night before I left,
I got drunk.
He told me a place,
but I only heard the second half: Purple toon on the left,
cyan toon on the right.
You can bet or you can buy it.
But remember,
the rest of your life is not long.
Dont get the answer,
but its too old to be there.
Im curious to know where that place is.
Maybe we can find him.
the No.
twenty-eight bus always runs around the city.
I do