Who did you fool into?

ring Chang Zichao: the memory of the fish only 7 seconds,
but the crash before the 8000 analysts shouting voice in his ear,
so investors buy buy buy from shilly-shally once again issued a red net .
Financial decision No.
1: ENNweekly (long press copy),
the national financial weekly reporter Zhao Jun opening or not,
this is a problem.
On Friday,
A shares plummeted after fermentation caused panic in the week,
May 9th black Monday stock index fell 2.
retreated to 2800 points,
two more than 100 shares limit.
Although Tuesday to 0.
02% rose turned red,
but a trading day is all day long and the shrinking concussion.
Fell on the eve of a number of analysts have red net collective sing A shares to change: 1000 point is the current round of market rebound spring offensive Shirupozhu,
continue to do! In the face of the crash,
net red on behalf of Li Daxiao from the media issued a plurality of sympathy: perseverance is victory,
in the manmasheng,
only lidaxiao encourage you,
cherish it.