Which kinds of painting and calligraphy will be the fastest market eliminated?

ring ays believed that art is the time not fashionable,
but can not create a painting,
never heard of who can save the country by some without what use titles,
donations curve strategy,
support an immortal to the artist.
According to this view,
perhaps there are several types of painters will be eliminated: first,
the use of calligraphy and painting donated propaganda painter.
Love will make a donation to his big foreign what art museum,
Palace of Fine Arts,
the metropolitan,
the royal family,
and then created public opinion at home,
said his work was a collection of their phase; in fact it is routine twenty years ago,
now still bored.
I slightly Baidu the good ones twenty years ago,
and as a result,
they are almost forgotten by the world; have they been great painters for so many years? Obviously not.
The ancients said: the energy-saving and the descendants of grief,
sorrow and later learning,
also make people cry and their descendants are complex.
It illustrates some of the art circles