When logic dies, secrets grow through the eyes

ring t the sun,
light comes without the sun,
the light comes without the sea will set off waves of broken heart ghost head with firefly light decoration not flesh and blood bones hand caress the skin it thigh on the candle warm youth,
but burning years no seed fruit bud people under the stars like smooth figs brilliant without wax candle show its soft hair dawn rises whistling in the blood through the body after the pupil current like sliding sky without scruple to spew vomit full tilt wand is smiling to explore the tears in the eye socket around the night hidden ore accumulation as the dark moon,
restricting the expansion of the eye light bones no cold,
muscle invasion wind untie winter clothes soft spring in eyelid floating in the rain thought come in the mysterious light moldy and rotten The dice and flash fingertips when the logic of land through the eyes of death secret revealed at that time,
the blood will be flying in the sun in a waste of opportunity on the dawn to cease the author / [UK] Dyl