What sandals do the bloggers who know best this summer wear?

ring andals,
sandals are obsessed with their push for a long time,
can be used as a topic,
not love,
willing to toe smelly feet in the shoes of the shy girl,
spent two weeks are not out of ideas,
only those who steal a glance swept thousands of fans of shoes,
fashion bloggers to report them in what greet summer sandals.
Today is a different height and colour to pick four blogger Chiara Ferragni,
according to the small wheat colored tall white Formica Julie Sarinana,
Aimee Song,
faces spirit temperament Jane Aldridge~~ has a potential to let your heart oh.
(PS: todays pictures,
brand information from bloggers INS,
not only for advertising,
obsessed with reference model) the most valuable reference Aimee Song the beautiful yellow skin,
also not high Asian blogger Aimee Song,
very similar to our own conditions,
a reference value of her sandals the greatest oh.
Like this pair of CHLOE sandals,
dark green fine more temperament than the general black watch,
heel is really rough with bright silk dress,