TFBOYS Wang bought 70 thousand copies of source fan 48 seconds magazine record to save print sales of fresh meat

ring tertainment Zhuangao (text / Peach small treasure) 6 in the morning,
grind a student wax wax woke up,
the first reaction is to confirm today is not May 13th,
the heart is super tight.
She had checked it several times before the 9:45 alarm clock: the network status,
the balance of the account,
the shopping cart page,
staring at the link,
lest it run.
At 9:59,
she began counting down seconds.
As soon as the time came,
she quickly went in: buy immediately,
make sure,
submit an order,
pay the bill,
and succeed in the transaction.
When she returns to the trading page,
the merchandise is off the shelf.
The king of the source magazine.
It is not sold out exclusive promotions just purchased 40 panic buying,
she has exclusive Cover Book King source a fashion magazine in June.
Wang Yuan will be starring in the magazines 6 monthly cover for the movie Duke tracks,
and magazine will also launch its own personal cover for each actor.
And wax wax,
like all other fans of Wangs fans,
has only been