[prompt] Shanghai 46 supermarkets shampoo big price difference maximum 42 yuan

ring of shampoo do you use? Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced today 46 supermarket prices including part of shampoo,
Head and Shoulders,
PANTENE and other brands,
including Head and Shoulders Anti Dandruff Shampoo (refreshing cold type /750 ml) and Qingyang (oil-controlling men Anti Dandruff Shampoo /750 ml) the biggest difference amounted to 42 yuan! For full rate form,
please click on read the original in the bottom left corner to see how much you can buy the most commonly used shampoo 1 rejoice skin care series - Treatment Shampoo (750 ml) in Lotus supermarket Shipyard Road,
Wencheng Road store price of 36 yuan.
In the Century Lianhua Supermarket Nanhui shop,
the western suburbs of Luban stadium,
Dongbao Bailian branch stores,
Jiading store,
Qingpu store price of 56.
6 yuan,
the spread reached 20.
6 yuan.
2 Head and Shoulders Anti Dandruff Shampoo (refreshing cold type /750 ml) in the South WAL-MART supermarket stores,
Wujiaochang Ganquan store pric