May you meet someone without a need to spend your life together

ring  of green can listen to audio - read large anchor Zhen Zhen - - the | Su Xin Wei Ali friends in WeChat and I pour out: she and her husband met in a factory to work,
two people fall in love,
talk about a period of time love will get married.
Soon after the marriage,
Ali gave birth to twins,
resigned to take care of their children at home.
Alis family from the far away,
can not help what busy.
but happy to see grandchildren,
not for Ali did what.
Alis husband by working hard to support the family,
he bought a van to transport dry.
The business was so smooth,
ladder of development,
a few years time,
from a truck into a small transport team,
Alis husband also has a pair of small boss style.
I have a pair of children on the primary school,
Ali youth is only a tail.
Seven or eight years,
Ali from the two young girl into the yellow face,
but not what is the biggest change in her status in the family.
When I first got married,
the husband Ali is still very quite popular,
she and her husband a